Thursday, April 28, 2016

Why Music Makes the World Go Round

Music is an expression of human experience and therefore, everyone has a love for a particular kind of music. Music is found in many areas of our life including presidential inaugurations, graduation ceremonies, weddings and funerals. The ambiance in a room can be changed by adding some music - some upbeat sounds in church or soft music at the dentist office can transform the environment. There are different genres or styles including classical, jazz, hip hop, rap, rhythm and blues, rock & roll, country, folk, bluegrass, metal, world new age etc. The reasons why it makes the world to go round include:

· Music guides the emotions

Whether we know it or not, it plays an important role in our lives. It easily affects our emotions whether we are aware or not. An individual only needs to think about the music heard on a particular movie soundtrack. Although a person may be aware of the dialogue, the costumes, the scenery, the action and special effect, it supports all and guides the emotional context. When you consider some of the best movie, music plays an active role. Even in bad films, music holds the story together. It is so important to movies that the studio executives often scrutinize it to determine the effects generated by a particular scene.

· Music is important in advertising

TV programs have musical underscores. Furthermore, many of the commercials use it to sell their products - the commercial feature tunes that remain engrained in our memories. This makes it possible to remember a product resulting in making a purchase.

· Music is business of many organizations

Radio in particular remains relevant as a result of providing music most of the times, seven days a week. Different radio stations offer the tones in different styles imaginable to appeal to the listeners. Record stores too are in the business of selling music. Therefore, they remain relevant as long as they offer music that is appealing to their niche market. Giant arenas or large concerts remain relevant to the thousands who gather by making it possible to share the experience with the audience. If you are to generate a high return on investment it is important to know exactly what to present.

· Music develops the brain

Singing and making melodies plays an important role in developing the brain fully and extensively. This is particularly the case in the early years. Music helps to make an individual brighter, more logical, more intelligent, more capable and more rational. According to further research music improves the study habits as well as test scores.

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Monday, April 25, 2016

How Do Glasses Help Us See? - Andrew Bastawrous and Clare Gilbert

Today, glasses help millions of people with poor vision be able to see clearly. But how? Andrew Bastawrous and Clare Gilbert help unravel the answer by explaining refraction — the ability of a transparent medium, like glass, water, or the eye, to change the direction of light passing through it.

Lesson by Andrew Bastawrous and Clare Gilbert, animation by Andrew Foerster.

Friday, April 22, 2016

It's All About The Bass--No Treble. It's All About The Bass. . .

Calling All Bassists
To A Unique Opportunity!

Mozart, Einstein and Me (formally ABC Music Source) has been authorized to hold an estate sale of a previously private collection of 23 basses and two amplifiers. They are as follows:

#1. Fender Memphis PBass copy -  1970's - Made in Japan
#2. Gibson EB-3 -  Very rare -  1965 - Made in USA
#3. Fender Jazz Bass - American Made - 2005/2006
#4. Fender Jazz Bass - 1960-
#5. Fender Precision - Mexico Made - 2006
#6. Ibanez - Made in Korea - 2001
#7. Gibson Thunderber - Nashville Tennessee - 2007
#8. Ernie Ball  Music Man - 2006
#9. Fender - Jazz Bass - 2006/2008 - Made in Japan
#10. Warwick - Corvett - 2007 - Made in Germany
#11. Gibson - Les Paul Bass -  Nashville Tennessee - 2005
#12. Fender Deluxe Precision Bass -  Made in USA - 2008/2009
#13. G&L ASHT Bass Made in the USA
#14. Fender Deluxe Active - 2006
#15. Fender Jazz Bass - Made in USA - 2005/2006
#16. G&L L-2000
#17. Ibanez Prestige - Made in Korea - 2006
#18. Specter Legend
#19. Fender Precision Bass - Made in Mexico - 2007
#20. Peavey Zodiac Scorpion - Made in Taiwan
#21. Warwick Streamer LX - Made in Germany - 2005
#22. Gibson Thunderbird Bass- Made in USA
#23. Spector Bass Euro4 LX - Made in Czech Republic

#24. Mesa Boogie Big Block 750 
#25. Mesa Boogie Block 600

Prices are currently not available over the phone.  Inspection and pricing available beginning April 20th, 2016 at our Livermore CA store located at 2156 First St, Livermore CA.

All sales are final.  Each Bass Guitar comes with a high-end hard case - usually the original.

Contact Ian Palmer or Stan Houston for more information.

Celebrate Earth Day TODAY at Mozart, Einstein & Me for PlanToys Earth Day 2016 Activity

Join us today from 3:00 - 6:00pm at our Benicia or Livermore locations!

With this tree planting we hope to pass on the spirit of our Plan Toys Sustainable Way to the Children of our world, to create a better world.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Join PlanToys Earth Day 2016 Activity at Mozart, Einstein & Me This Friday!

With this tree planting we hope to pass on the spirit of our Plan Toys Sustainable Way to the Children of our world, to create a better world.

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Clif Foster & Friends Concert, May 1st, 2016


Mozart, Dvorak, and the unusual

Top San Francisco musicians bring quartet to Benicia Capitol

Join Benicia’s own Clif Foster, violinist with the San Francisco Ballet orchestra, and three of his music friends from the Bay Area Symphonies at the Benicia State Capitol for a stunning classical chamber concert.

May 1 at the Benicia State Capitol

Sunday – May 1, 2016 -Time: 2:00pm

Benicia State Capitol – Senate Floor, Downtown Benicia

Tickets: $20/adult $5/student.

Purchase tickets at:
 Mozart Einstein & Me – 739 First Street or at the door. 

For more info call 707-746-7565

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Calling All Dodgers Fans!

Mozart, Einstein & Me now has activity books for Dodgers fans. Celebrate the start of the new baseball season by stopping in to get yours!

Sunday, April 10, 2016

PlanToys® 35/10 Anniversary Toy Giveaway

PlanToys® is giving away $30,000 worth of products!

$200, $100 and $50 gift certificates have been randomly inserted into boxes of PlanToys® TOP SELLING products.

 Mozart, Einstein & Me is committed to providing a balance of products that encompass music, science and art discovery and learning. For the young child, we carry a large volume of PlanToys products. These toys target creative play and specific milestone development in children from birth to 4 years old. PlanToys are sustainably produced using organic colors that are good for both our children and the environment. Soy ink and recycled paper are used for the paper products associated with the toys to make them highly biodegradeable.

Thursday, April 7, 2016

The Healing Powers and Benefits of Music

Music is known to have healing effects for the soul. It is also regarded as therapy to treat the psychological disturbances of the mind according to the medical experts. People who enjoy good music regularly are known to be happier than people who did not listen to the music.

Music composers have to work hard day and night to create magnificent music that soothes the minds of its listeners. However, not all musicians are able to create soothing music. People have been hearing music since a long time ago as therapy to get rid of melancholic situations and mood swings. On the other hand, music can also multiply your happiness.

Although, people are already aware of the healing effects of music, scientists have researched more into this subject and concluded that the relationship between music and the human mind results in stimulating the brain powers. The stimulation of the mind changes the overall functions of the human body.

Since music has great healing powers, medical experts also suggest that it can be used as a means of therapy to treat various diseases such as depression, anxiety, blood pressure and ADD in children. Medical experts also suggest that musical therapy can also be used to treat pain and stress and some other sicknesses as well. Moreover, it is also suggested that listening to music can be relaxing for patients of different diseases as it excites emotions.

According to a group of medical researchers, listening to music can have positive effects over the behavior of patients who are suffering from cerebral palsy, stroke, and Parkinson's disease. The progress of the patients who listened to music was much better than the patients who did not.

Also, patients who had dementia and head injuries were able to recover quickly after they started listening to music. It completely depends on the type of music a patient prefers listening to; however, it should be noted that listening to melancholic music can have negative effects over the patients.

A research was conducted in which ten musicians (five of each gender) were taken as subjects. A device was used to determine the effects of music to the brain. The participants were asked to listen to four different types of music in sequence. It was found that when the participants heard their favorite music repeatedly, the stimulation of their brain was similar to that of when making the love.

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Monday, April 4, 2016

How Do Schools of Fish Swim in Harmony? - Nathan S. Jacobs

How do schools of fish swim in harmony? How do the tiny cells in your brain give rise to the complex thoughts, memories, and consciousness that are you? Oddly enough, those questions have the same general answer. Nathan S. Jacobs explains the concept of emergence, the spontaneous creation of sophisticated behaviors and functions from large groups of simple elements.

Lesson by Nathan S. Jacobs, animation by TED-Ed.

Friday, April 1, 2016

Spring into Ukulele Begins on Tuesday - Register Today!

Spring into Ukulele! 
A 6-week introductory ukelele course starts Wednesday nights 7:30-8:30 pm beginning April 6th at Mozart Einstein & Me, 2156 First Street, Downtown Livermore. 

Stan Houston, a professional musician and Uke instructor will provide an atmosphere of fun while building your skill in playing the uke. 

Six-week cost is $60. Sheet Music and Ukulele is provided for those who don't own their own Ukulele. 

For more information and/or to register, come into the store or call (925) 443-1244.